UPND behind PF squabbles – Mpombo

The action by Patriotic Front (PF) presidential aspirant, Miles Sampa to commence contempt proceedings against PF leaders portrays him as a hired gun by the UPND to destabilize the main opposition party, former minister of Defence George Mpombo has said.

Dr Mpombo in an interview said the recent moves by Mr Sampa portrayed him as a hired person bent on causing confusion in the PF.

Mr Sampa has applied for an exparte order of committal for contempt of court against for PF leaders namely, Nickson Chilangwa, Given Lubinda, Raphael Nakacinda and Davies Chama.

Mr Sampa wants the four alleged contemnors be committed to prison for contempt and blatant disregard of the court.

But Dr Mpombo said the brazenness with which Mr Sampa was acting gave a clear perception that the ruling party had a slight hand in the whole political shebang, desiring to cripple the entire administrative machinery of the PF.

He said the trajectory Mr Sampa was taking was clear that he was a hired gun that was plotted to distabilise the PF at all costs.

He said Mr Sampa would be perceived as one who had been paid to annihilate  PF.

Dr Mpombo said it was possible for the UPND to fan the confusion because the ruling party stood to gain the most if the PF was destroyed.

“It’s evident that the confusions have been sponsored by the UPND to bring disunity in the former ruling party,” he said.

He said that Mr Sampa was eating through the confidence of the PF.

Dr Mpombo said PF needed to find an amicable solution to the matter if it was to remain relevant to Zambia’s political discourse 

He urged the PF to focus on constructive engagements and not squabbles that would not yield anything positive.

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