HH desires peace, unity among Zambians – Nkombo


IT is the desire of the government and President Hakainde Hichilema to see that all the people in the country live in peace and harmony as we embark on uniting and developing all parts of the country, Garry Nkombo has said.

Mr Nkombo, the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development has pledged government’s support to initiatives aimed at enhancing peace and unity in the country.

Speaking at the 2023 N’cwala traditional ceremony in Chipata on Saturday, Mr Nkombo said Hovernment would support and work with people that have programmes which were tailor made towards the promotion of peace and togetherness .

“We will support any programmes that are tailor-made to promote peace and harmony in the country because this is a fundamental bedrock for any society and for peace to prevail,” Mr Nkombo said.

Mr Nkombo commended Paramount Chief Mpezeni for supplementing government efforts in addressing cases of early marriages and the promotion of education as an equaliser.

He pledged that he would take the request by Chief Mpezeni to rename the Great East road to Umodzi highway and also the honouring of the first Ngoni king in Zambia Nsingo who was executed by Anglo-American soldiers in the late 1880’s.

And Paramount Chief Mpezeni advised politicians to embrace and sustain peace, love and unity if the country is to develop.

Mpezeni speaking people through his representative said it was sad to see increasing levels of tension especially among political leaders in the country, which he if not addressed could divide people based on tribe, ethnicity and religion among others.

Mpezeni who has been on the thrown for the last 40 years said Zambians should strive at living in peace and harmony, and ensure that they develop a heart of forgiveness and reconciliation and use it as a tool for fostering development in the country.

“I urge politicians to defend and sustain the peace which our forefathers fought for, through the one Zambia one nation motto, the future of Zambia lays in peace, love, unity and forgiveness which is key in nation development,” Paramount Chief Mpezeni said.

The traditional leader has since proposed that the Great East road from Airport roundabout to the Mwami-Mchinji border with Malawi be renamed as Umdozi highway to demonstrate love, peace and oneness.

He also encouraged young people to pursue education as a tool for creating wealth and refrain from engaging in illicit activities and child marriages as a livelihood.

And the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) expressed concern with the continued smuggling of mealie meal into neighbouring countries by unscrupulous business people.

FRA board Chairperson, Kelvin Hambwezhya noted that this is why there is need for the government to put in place strict security measures to address the scourge which has potential to affect the country’s food security.

” We are extremely concerned with the smuggling levels of mealie meal in to other countries, we as FRA released cheap maize to caution the high mealie meal prices, but unscrupulous businessmen want to take advantage of this, so we appeal to government to tighten security through various security wings”, he said

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