Doctors call off go-slow

THE Resident Doctors Association of Zambia (RDAZ) has decided call off the go slow after a successful engagement with government.
RDAZ president Dr. Mweushi Mphande said the association decided to put a hold to the ongoing go slow upon having an engagement with the higher offices that gave them a listening ear.
He said government has committed to sort out their grievances within the course of this month.
“In that vein the members of RDAZ have decided to put a hold to the go slow as of last night,” he said.
The doctors protested their exception from the 10 percent Salary increment for civil servants across the board.
Dr. Mphande said the issue of RDAZ complaining about the conditions of service for medical doctors was a historical issue.
He said currently, doctors had many issues to with conditions of service ranging from unsettled salary arrears and that most doctors were underpaid for the work that they do.
Dr. Mphande said most of the doctors were performing senior roles but they still get entry level salaries.
He said when it came to the issue of the 10 percent with the dynamic economic situation, it was important that they were considered.

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