Minerals commission on cards – Kabuswe

GOVERNMENT has created the Mines and Mineral Commission to regulate the mining sector and to help address illegal mining activities, Minister of Mines and Mineral Development, Paul Kabuswe has said.
Mr Kabuswe told Parliament that Mines and Mineral Commission was a first of its kind and it would give the ministry more capacity to deal with various issues in the mining sector.
He said government was working on a number of reforms in the mining sector that would gravitate to provinces and districts.
Mr Kabuswe said there was no way that he could be everywhere as Minister and that Commission would help to deal with various issues affecting the mining sector.
“Apart from the reforms we are doing in parallel, the licensing committee is sitting giving licences to people so that they can go into production,” Mr Kabuswe.
He assured Zambians that the Commission would go an extra mile as compared to the bureaus which were just figure heads.
Mr. Abuse said the Mines and Mineral commission would be more efficient.

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