Malawian scholar sues University of Zambia Council

A MALAWIAN has sued the Council of the University of Zambia demanding that it confers her with a Masters of Business Administration in Management Strategy.

Ms Susan Tissah Mkangama wants the Lusaka High Court to order the Council of the University to, in the alternative, refund her tuition fees with interest at a rate to be determined by the court.

Ms Mkangama wants the court to order that she be paid damages for loss of use of funds.

She also wants damages for loss, inconvenience, damages for mental anguish,  legal costs and any other relief that the court may deem fit.

She has stated in a statement of claim that she was a Malawian with interest to study or major in a Master of Business Administration with the University of Zambia.

She submitted that about October 2019  she duly  tendered  an application  to the defendant  university  for the purpose of being enrolled  under  the 100 percent  online MBA in entrepreneurship programme  the university was offering .

Ms Mkangama stated that by an email from the university‘s administration department dated October 22, 2019, she was advised that she would  need  an application fee,  scanned copies  of academic documents,  O Level records  or equivalent  for International students and  a scanned  copy  of her National Identification  Card (NRC)  and  passport  for her application  to be processed.

Ms Mkangama stated that from the foregoing, she has suffered loss and damage.

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