PF fumes ‘over Kutumpa’ statement

ZAMBIANS know that former republican President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (ECL) ‘Tatumpa’ (he is not stupid) and actually they are the ones who are pushing further ‘ the Alebwelelapo’ agenda which has continued to unsettle the ruling party especially after the huge turn out of PF members on Women and Youth Day Celebrations,’’ the PF has said
PF Copperbelt Media Director Munalula Moola said Zambians were pushing the ‘Alebwelelapo’ agenda because the UPND leadership which was claiming to be more wiser and intelligent than the PF leadership of ECL has actually failed to provide leadership, but has instead plunged the country into serious poverty and hunger
Mr Moola was reacting to President Hakainde Hichilema’s disparaging and slighting his predecessor, former President Edgar Lungu describing insinuations that the former head of State would be returning to power as ‘ Kutumpa Uko’ (That is being stupid)
Mr Moola said the PF was disappointed and angered by the disparaging remarks from the President, but was not surprised because the turn-out of the PF members and its sympathisers on Women and Youth Day Celebrations had unsettled the ruling party and its leadership
He said the PF was wondering what kind of a coincidence it was that the disparaging remarks against Mr Lungu from President Hichilema had come a day after the suspected UPND cadres ran riot beating up PF youths who had outnumbered the ruling party youths
“Well it is sad that after suspected UPND cadres beat up PF youths, the next day, the UPND President who is also republican President goes full throttle to call ECL stupid because of Alebwelelapo agenda. We expected the President to condemn the violence but he is being quiet.
Any way, we are not worried because Zambians know that ECL Tatumpa (ECL is not stupid)
“No, they know he is not stupid and this is why they are the ones pushing the Alebwelalapo Agenda. If ECL is stupid, he should face him in 2026 so that Zambians make a decision on who is stupid,’’ Mr Moola said
Mr Moola said President Hichilema’s disparaging remarks against President Edgar Lungu was a clear indication that he has no message for the people of the Copperbelt and is now trying to save his face by attacking
He said the UPND might have succeeded in stopping the PF youths from attending the International Youth Day in various parts of the country through violence, but the reality on the ground is that, the popularity of the ruling party is diminishing at a fast rate while the PF was becoming popular on the ground.’’The PF has said
Mr Moola said the UPND should be wise enough to get worried and possibly find a reason and solution, as to why, its popularity has taken a nose-dive in less than two years in government, instead of hiring thugs to attack PF youths after realising that they had been outnumbered at the International Youth Day
Mr Moola was reacting to International Youth Day which turned violent leaving hundreds of PF youths brutally injured after suspected UPND cadres caused mayhem in Kitwe, Kasama, Ndola and other parts of the country
In an interview in Kitwe at the weekend, Mr Moola said it was shameful that the New Dawn administration of President Hakainde Hichilema which promised a better future for the youths has lamentably failed to fulfil its promise, but was instead using the youths for political violence
“During campaigns for 2021 elections, President Hichilema spoke highly about the youths, but after winning the elections, there is little or nothing to point at for the youths. Even from the Black Mountain, youths were sidelined with others ended up suffering injuring as they tried to jump on moving trucks.
“This UPND has no plan, no regard for youths and will only use them for destructive activities like political violence. But, one thing which is a reality is that violence is not a solution to high cost of loving. No. UPND succeeded in stopping PF youths from attending the Youth Day celebrations, but the reality is that PF is getting stronger every day. Those planning ill about the PF will have themselves to blame,’’ Mr Moola said.

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