PF ARE JUST WAFFALING, SAYS UPND – National trustee Grace Chibuve says the PF are in forefront to condemn what President Hakainde Hichilema is doing when they left the country in a mess


UPND National Trustee Grace Chibuve has said, it is shocking that the PF senior members are condemning what President Hakainde Hichilema is doing when they left the country in a mess.

Ms Chibuve said, the PF should be appreciating the efforts by the Head of State to bring sanity in the country especially in areas they destroyed because of corruption.

“It is shameful that PF seniors members like Brian Mundubile are telling the President to fulfil promises like reducing the prices of fuel to K5 and mealie meal to K50 when they made the country to be where it is right now.

They prioritised to plunder the public resources during their reign. All they knew at that time was to steal from the people and then they want to start attacking the President today who is trying to put things in the right direction. We are aware that you still have the money you stole from the people which you are using to regroup thinking you can unseat the UPND. To tell you the truth that financial muscle you have, it will not help you to bring down UPND,” she said.

Ms Chibuve said, Zambians know well how the PF destroyed the country, therefore, they will not make any mistake to give them another mandate because they will put the country in turmoil.

She said, the PF should allow President Hichilema to work towards rebuilding the country they destroyed.

she said, Zambia is in the safe hands under the UPND administration.

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