Apologise, Archbishop Mpundu tells HH

EMERITUS Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu has demanded that President Hakainde Hichilema should apologise or step aside for failing to meet the aspirations and expectations of Zambians.
Archbishop Mpundu has branded the UPND government an incorrigible establishment that did not care or tend to the needs of the people but those of their own.
“You are dealing with an establishment that is incorrigible because we tell them and they do not care to listen. There is documentary evidence to that effect. President Hichilema should apologise to Zambians for failing the people. He has failed to meet the aspirations and expectations of the people,” Archbishop Mpundu said.
Archbishop Mpundu said there was need for those in government to apologise to Zambians who were hungry, angry and frustrated by the inability of President Hichilema to make their lives easier as he had promised when he was canvassing for votes.
And Archbishop Mpundu has said the crusade against corruption, is it nothing but selective persecution of economic transgressors.
He said the selective persecution of wrongdoers was nothing but corruption because some individuals were deemed more equal than others when President Hichilema had been preaching the no sacred cows’ mantra in the fight against the vice.
Archbishop Mpundu said that selective persecution was in fact worse because it was targeting individuals based on retribution, vindictiveness, hatred and vengeance.
He said during the Kenneth Kaunda era, Zambians were told that they would be driving cars but that the narrative changed immediately he was ushered into office and that the UPND should never think it had successfully fooled Zambians with their unfulfilled promises.
He said Zambians had learnt a bitter lesson by voting for the UPND based on promises the governing party and its leadership knew they would never fulfil.
Archbishop Mpundu said he could not influence President Hichilema to do the right thing but that he would continue talking on behalf of the people who were being affected by the harsh economic policies being pursued by the UPND.
He said the UPND government had mastered the art of divide and rule principle, citing the blocking of the Our Civic Duty Agenda (OCiDA) first press conference under the new dawn administration.
Bishop said politicians needed to be alert and that the verbal attack by the head of State against his predecessor former President Edgar Lungu was a scandal which according to him should have attracted protests against President Hichilema.

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