President Hichilema salutes Chiefs who provided land for Kafue Gorge project

PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema has noted that chiefs must be part of the economic development of the country as they are the custodian of the natural resources needed for growth.
The President has also expressed his gratitude to the traditional leaders who contributed land for the development of the Kafue Gorge project in Chikankata.
President Hichilema was speaking when he met chiefs from both Lusaka and Southern provinces in Chikankata on Friday, during the commissioning of the 750 megawatts Kafue gorge lower hydro power station.
Chiefs from Southern Province included Senior Chief Mukuni, Hamusonde, Naluama, Chieftainess Mwenda, and a representative from Sikongo. And from Lusaka Province, were Chieftainess Chiawa and Chieftainess Mkomesha Mukambo the second.
And the President emphasised that chiefs and the local people must be beneficiaries of the resources which will be generated from the Kafue Korge lower hydropower project.
He also told the traditional leaders that the Kafue Gorge lower, has potential to expand its power generation to up to 2,000 mega watts and that it’s the biggest energy project in the country costing about 2 billion United States dollars.
He also praised the presence of the chiefs at the commissioning event, saying they have underscored the value they attach to economic development which the government is tirelessly working to grow.
President Hichilema said it is through such projects that Government generates money to meet other social needs such as paying of retirees, provide free education among others
“We have managed to pay retirees who have not been paid for 15 years, but just last week some retirees at Zambia Railways Limited were paid” he said.
He said the Kafue Gorge lower hydropower station is the biggest energy power project that the government has undertaken in 40 years.
The Kafue Gorge lower hydro power station project is sitting on 11, 500 hectares contributed by three chiefs namely, Chieftainess Nkomensha mukambo II , Chief Naluama and Chieftainess Chiawa.

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