HH shocks PF over Munir


ANTONIO Mwanza says it is shocking that President Hakainde Hichilema has personally confronted Munir Zulu for exposing the alleged corruption against two Cabinet Ministers, Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane and Charles Milupi respectively.

Mr Mwanza, the PF media director says President Hichilema has essentially exonerated his two Ministers by branding Mr Zulu, the whistleblower, a mischievous individual even before the law enforcement agencies could establish the cogency of the allegations.

Both Dr Musokotwane and Mr Milupi have denied ever receiving the US$250, 000 each with Mr Milupi claiming that Mr Zulu had targeted the duo on grounds that both were from the same tribe and Cabinet Ministers in the same government.

“It is not factual that I have been appearing before the ACC. Playing politics like that is not good. It is useless politics. Our country is really…I do not do such kind of politics. If a Minister is summoned before the ACC, everyone will know. It is really unfortunate. What is the connection between me and Dr Musokotwane? Is it because he is Lozi and I am Lozi and people can harass us? This is not how the country should run.

“What is common between me and the Minister (Dr Musokotwane) other than the fact that we are from the same tribe and are in the same government. Is that upsetting him (Mr Zulu) or upsetting some people in the opposition…tough luck. Zambia is for all of us,” Mr Milupi said.

Mr Zulu, the Lumezi Member of Parliament has claimed that Dr Musokotwane, the Finance Minister and his Infrastructure counterpart, Charles Milupi allegedly received US$250, 000 each through bank transfers, money he (Zulu) believes could have been proceeds of crime.

The Lumezi lawmaker has now come under fire, with the head of State instructing Dr Musokotwane to immediately take legal action against Mr Zulu, who has remained resolute and confident about his allegations against the two senior Ministers.

Mr Mwanza however says it was the first time that a head of State could fiercely come down on an MP, who is a citizen for merely informing the nation that some Ministers in the UPND administration were allegedly involved in corruption.

He said the statement by President Hichilema attacking Mr Zulu and calling him names was unfortunate and totally unwarranted.

Mr Mwanza stated that it was unlikely that Mr Zulu was going to receive fair trial that President Hichilema had already laid his verdict and found the Lumezi parliamentarian guilty before trial. 

Mr Mwanza wondered why President Hichilema was getting worked up and agitated by the accusations Mr Zulu had raised against Mr Milupi and Dr Musokotwane.

He said the two Ministers were fully grown up men who were capable of defending themselves and that it was strange President Hichilema was panicking on their behalf.

“The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is under the direct supervision of President Hichilema pursuant to gazette notice Number 1123 of 2021 which the UPND government signed. The ACC is now under State House and directly report to the President. Hence the statement by the President is tantamount to interference of the operations of ACC which by law must totally be independent or autonomous,” Mr Mwanza said.

Mr Mwanza said the actions of President Hichilema would undermine any credible investigation by ACC regarding the serious allegations levelled against Milupi and Musokotwane.

“Let the two defend themselves, they are not kids. Why is President Hichilema protecting them?” he said.

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