Zambia should not be used as a pawn – Lusambo

UNITED States Vice President Kamala Harris is welcome but should know that Zambia shall not be a pawn in the supremacy fights the US has with China and Russia, Bowman Lusambo has said.
Mr Lusambo, the former Lusaka Province Minister says Zambia shall at all times protect her sovereign interests as a nation and as a people.
Mr Lusambo said propagating same sex relationships under the guise of human rights promotion was against Zambia’s Constitution, norms and values and that the US Vice-President should be reminded when she arrives today.
“Vice President Harris must be reminded that same sex relationships might be accepted in the US but in Zambia, such acts will never be allowed. As dynamic as culture can be, there are some boundaries that cannot be crossed. We have accepted a lot of American influences such as language, fashion, music and democracy over the years but we will never adopt same sex relationships. We wish to ask her to accept our position the same way the US has been forced to accept the recent decision by the Ugandan Parliament over same sex relations,” Mr Lusambo said.
Mr Lusambo said he wanted to raise a few concerns over the new tide that Washington-Lusaka relations were taking under President Hakainde Hichilema because according to him, it was clear to see that Zambia was on a crusade to over-please the West at the expense of other nations.
“Zambia now finds itself in a very precarious position in the geopolitical landscape which has now affected relations with other countries and the all-important debt restructuring programme,” Mr Lusambo said.
its Lusaka, we wish to remind her and her host President Hichilema that Zambia shall at all times maintain its non-aligned position on key global issues. Since 1964, we have ostensibly implemented this policy position and has served the country well,” Mr Lusambo said.

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