Civil society key in democratic transitions – ACA 


ZAMBIA would not have multiple transitions of governments from one political party to another without the active participation of the civil society, Alliance for Community Action (ACA) executive director Laura Miti has said.

Ms. Miti has said civil society in Zambia often set the agenda and informed citizens by alerting citizens on matters that needed to be dealt with, especially matters that to do with the constitution and governance.

She said civil society worked hard to ensure that the 50 percent +1 type of elections were included in the constitution as well as the date for elections including the infamous Bill 10 which, according to her would have prevented elections from taking place.

Ms. Miti said civil society had been vital to the country’s democracy such that when there was no one speaking, even when opposition parties were weak, the civil society voices had always come out to ensure that there was always someone who spoke for the voiceless.

“We go further to simplify issues of debt so that an ordinary person could understand what is happening, that is why Civil society must be valued,” Ms Miti said.

She said it was important for citizens to know that politicians should be held accountable at all times because if left unchecked, the citizenry would not know what those in leadership could do for their own selfish interest.

And Electoral Commission of Zambia  chairperson Mwangala Zaloumis has said Zambia has done tremendously well in upholding peaceful transition of power during elections since 1991.

Ms. Zaloumis said the inclusion of the voting day in the constitution was a great milestone in the country’s electoral process because in the past. 

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