Tanzanian maize trader’s fate in limbo 


TANZANIAN maize traders are still in limbo over the government’s issuance of export permits to move their maize which they acquired in November last year.

The traders recently stormed their High Commissioners offices in a bid for him to engage the Zambian government to release their export permits.

The High Commissioner assured them that he would engage the Zambian government so that an amicable solution could be found.

The traders complained that there were some maize which was being moved by the Zambia National Service (ZNS) to Nakonde.

The irate traders wondered what the motive was because about 10, 000 metric tonnes of maize was at Nakonde border.

“There is something suspicious in the manner ZNS is moving maize when ours have been clamped,” they said.

The traders indicated that they were hoping the High Commissioner would help them ensure that the maize is released because they had lost a lot from the time they purchased the maize.

They complained that they did not know their fate since the chairperson for the parliamentary committee on Agriculture, Lands and Natural Resources Chairperson Kasautu Michelo said that no maize would leave the country and that the traders would just be given refunds.

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