There’s more suffering under UPND – Gwembe Headman


A VILLAGE Headman in Gwembe District has complained that there is more suffering in the country under the UPND government than it was under the Patriotic Front (PF).

Headman Habumbeni of Syampande Ward of Gwembe District, Special Habumbeni says life under the PF was much easier as things including mealie meal and fuel were cheaper and that life was much better.

Headman Habumbeni says promises that things would be better, cheaper and easier had not been fulfilled and that life had become more difficult and challenging than they were before the change of government in 2021.

Speaking when he called during Chikuni Radio Breakfast show yesterday, Mr. Habumbeni explained that during the PF rule, transport fare from Syampande to Monze was K60 but that it had since increased to K200 for a single trip.

He said villagers were now being subjected to paying K400 to travel from Syampande to Monze and back and that life had become expensive under the new dawn administration.

He complained that people in Syampande Ward depended on Monze for goods and services but many were now failing to reach the district because of the high transport fares.

Mr. Habumbeni said people in the area voted for positive change and hoped that the cost of living would reduce but alas, as things were getting worse by the day and making the lives of villagers more miserable.

Headman Habumbeni has accused the UPND government of taking time to respond to problems citing hunger, which he said had persisted in Syampande ward without government isending enough relief food and timely.

And Mr. Habumbeni also explained that currently, there was no good road reaching Syampande area and people were now depending on water transport.

The headman has also called on government to tar Chisekesi-Chipepo road to easy the movement of the people in the district.

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