‘Have confidence in the New Dawn Government’, Luena lawmaker prods Zambians


LUENA Member of Parliament,  Mubita Anakoka has urged Zambians  to have confidence in the New Dawn Administration because it is putting in place measures to restore economic stability and growth.

Mr Anakoka told Millennium TV in an interview that  it was normal for commodity prices to increase but the increase should be within the affordability of the citizens.

This Government has reined in debt by bringing in discipline in the way the country is contracting debt. In fact,  we have received a lot of goodwill including Special Drawing Rights with our cooperating partners which  meant that we are able to access money to help us unlock the economy as well as to increase productivity and when productivity increases, the economy will grow and there will be stability in commodity prices.

He said of the factors that affected the production of good and services was the exchange rate.

“We are mindful now that one of the things that affected production of goods and services is the exchange rate, the exchange rate is not where we want it to be . I would have been worse but Government is putting in place measures to ensure macroeconomic stability,” Mr Anakoka said.  

He said the increase in the cost of production was responsible for the rise  in prices of  commodities.

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