Antonio contradicts Attorney General Kabesha


IT is a shameful lie that there has never been electoral violence ever since the UPND ascended to power and Attorney General Kabehsa Mulilo should never engage in such kind of politics as chief legal advisor to government, Antonio Mwanza has charged.

Attorney General Kabesha has claimed that there has never been violence during by-elections under the UPND but Mr Mwanza has remined the Attorney General that Zambians has been witnessing sporadic scenes of violence in all the by-elections under the new dawn administration.

Mr Mwanza, the Patriotic Front (PF) media director said as chief legal advisor to government, Mr Kabesha should be able to be truthful each time he spoke to the nation and that it was ironical that Mr Kabesha had decided to gloss over the violence that had characterized the by-elections under the UPND. Mr Mwanza said the truth was that there had been brutal and widespread violence during by-elections in many places in which the PF has been a major victim of the political violence that has been unleashed by the UPND during the recent by elections.

Mr Mwanza cited the violence such places as Lusangazi, Mwense and Mkushi, stating that Videos, photos, medical reports, police reports and media reports were there if Mr Kabesha cared to know and verify his claims.

He said even the highly compromised Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) had been left with no choice but to publicly confess and condemn the wanton UPND violence in the last by elections.

Mr Mwanza said for the record, on 18th January, 2023, the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) issued a statement condemning the UPND violence in Kapanda and Itala Wards of Kasama and Lunga Districts. This was during the by-elections that were held on January 20, 2023.

He said during the Council Chairperson By-elections in Lusangazi, Mwense and Mkushi, the UPND violence became so bad that even the Christian Churches Monitoring Group (CCMG) was so petrified that they issued a statement condemning the ineffectiveness of ECZ in handling electoral violence.

“The Office of the Attorney General is a very important institution that must be above lies, pettiness and political mischief. Mr Kabesha must realise that as chief legal adviser for the Government, he has the onerous, sacred and constitutional duty to ensure that Government is told the truth and advised correctly,” he said.

Mr Mwanza said it was unethical and totally unacceptable for Mr Kabesha as Attorney General to be parroting himself as a spokesperson for UPND.  This is extremely unprofessional and it lowered the decorum and sanctity of the office that the man holds on behalf of the people of Zambia.

“We strongly advise Mr Kabesha to concentrate on executing his duties in a professional and exemplary manner as Attorney General and not assume the role of UPND spokesperson and propagandist.The UPND Government is embroiled in numerous corruption scandals. From the shady fertiliser deals to the now infamous Sugilite Saga. These are issues our Attorney General must concentrate on; giving the Government sound legal advice,” he said.

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