Indian University offers 226 scholarships to Zambians

OVER 220 Zambians stand to benefit from an opportunity to study in India following the offer of scholarships.

African Nations Poverty Fund Zambia Chief Visionary Tresford Chomba said JAIN University of India has partnered with his organization to offer 226 Zambians 100 percent scholarships to pursue a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in India 

  Mr Chomba said JAIN University also plans to establish a skills Development Center in Lusaka to empower women and youths in tailoring, carpentry, cartering among other courses.

 ZANIS reports that ANPF Chief Visionary Tresford Chomba said his organization has partnered with Lusaka Open Business College to offer over 200 scholarships to various institutions to pursue business courses at the college.

 Mr Chomba also disclosed that Workers Compensations Control Board and NATSAVE are among the institutions that have awarded 100 scholarship for the disabled to study at the College.

 He explained that the mandate of his organization is to woo partnership between the private and public entities to foster development and alleviate poverty in the country through education empowerment.

 Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka Mr Chomba also launched a program called Sustainable Economic Liberation Forum (SELF).

 He said SELF is an initiative meant to bring patriotic citizens in Africa together and explore opportunities in Education, Agriculture and Business in order to accelerate development in the country.

 And Lusaka Open Business College Chief Executive Officer Sichalwe Kasanda said education is the best equalizer for all citizens wishing to break from the chain of poverty.

 Professor Kasanda thanked African Nations Poverty Fund for the partnership saying that the collaboration will go a long way in ensuring that people acquire the best tertiary education services.

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