ECZ refutes reports of intending to cancel by-election in Lupososhi

THE Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) says allegations by Citizens First president Harry Kalaba that ECZ and UPND are conniving to cancel the Katilye Ward by-election in Lupososhi are unfounded and untrue.
 ECZ Corporate Affairs Manager, Patricia Luhanga said they have noted with concern an article published on Kalaba’s Facebook page suggesting the UPND wants ECZ to cancel the by-election in that area.
 She has urged all electoral stakeholders to disregard the allegations as they were unfounded and untrue.
 Ms. Luhanga said all participating political parties in the Katilye Ward by-elections should continue with their campaigns as guided through the campaign time table which was developed after nominations.
 She said stakeholders must avoid from misleading the public with misinformation and disinformation because such actions do not only undermine the credibility of an election, it is also a recipe for anarchy if left unchecked.
Ms. Luhanga said stakeholders should adhere to the Electoral Code of conduct and follow the laid down conflict/complaint management procedures.
 She said the polls for the by-elections in Chitimukulu Ward in Chililabombwe, Muchinda Ward in Serenje District and Katilye Ward Lupososhi would take place on April 20, 2023 as scheduled.
 Ms Luhanga said the ECZ was closely monitoring the conduct of political parties, candidates, their supporters, and other stakeholders in the upcoming by-elections, and would not hesitate to invoke the provisions of the Electoral Process Act and take appropriate action against erring stakeholders where need arises.

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