1,200 secondary schools to be connected to internet – Mutati


SCIENCE and Technology Minister Felix Mutati has disclosed that the Ministry of Education has identified about 1, 200 secondary schools to be connected to the internet.

“This follows the memorandum of understanding that was recently signed in Doha with Liquid Telecommunications Jersey Limited for the provision of internet services in schools,” Mr Mutati said.

The minister said, Liquid Telecommunications Jersey Limited is commoted to provide internet service to all the secondary schools in Zambia.

Mr Mutati said, this means government will be able to deliver meaningful education and pupils will add a critical education system that goes beyond reading and writing.

He said, government is also cognizant of the fact that a lot of rural schools have inadequate access to electricity hence may not have meaningful use of the internet connectivity.

Mr Mutati said, is it, therefore, for this reason that all constituencies have been requested to allocate K1 million under the Constituency Development Fund for the purpose of connecting electricity to public infrastructure such as schools in rural areas through the Rural Electrification Authority.

Mr Mutati said, the Liquid Telecommunications will be connecting Zambia to the fiber optic network from Angola, landing in Northwestern Province.

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