Close borders to mitigate maize crisis – SAFADA


THE Small-Scale Farmers Development Agency (SAFADA) insists that Government should close borders and restrict export permit and local movement of maize and mealie meal

SAFADA Chief Executive Officer, Boyd Moobwe said Zambia was facing serious mealie-meal shortages which has also led to the prices for the commodity to increase attributing to high cost of because of uncontrolled export permits and smuggling.

He said it was unfortunate that the Ministry of Agriculture vowed not to close boards which has negatively affected national and household food security.

“It is important that Government tells the nation the precise terms and conditions of household and National food security before they can all export,” he said.

Mr Moobwe has also called on Government to shed more light on the matter that involves the Kenyan government to growing maize in Zambia for their consumption.

He said the Ministry of Agriculture should maintain sanity and transparency in the agriculture sector by ensuring sustainable implementation of solutions and policies that will stabilise the economic and social status of the country.

 Mr Moobwe said Government should not reduce the mealie meal price by subjecting the 2023 crop marketing season to offer low maize price.

“We expect to sell our maize at K7 per kg than maintaining the previous price, we want a factor reflective price meaning that it should not be less than K300 per bag,” he said.

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