ECL annoys Kawana

Former President Edgar Lungu’s routine morning exercises are not helping the former Head of State in assuming his proper role as an elderly Statesman and title of Father of the Nation that the Patriotic Front (PF) has been crying for, Ministry of Information and Media Director Spokesperson, Thabo Kawana says.
Mr Kawana said exercise was important for all, especially in curbing Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) as people grew older and President Lungu could even be a champion of this advocacy.

He said the former Head of State needed to work with organisations like the National Sports Council of Zambia or sport clubs and not members of the PF Central Committee because this made him a PF leader and not a national leader as a former President.
“Imagine the late RB doing things with only MMD or KK with only UNIP? Would they have gained national, regional and global recognition as they did?” he asked.
Mr. Kawana said PF should let go of President Lungu and the former Head of State should also detach himself from being a partisan leader to assume the status of elderly statesman.
“It is from such congregations that ideas of alebwelelapo are encouraged by zealots looking to have a second bite at the cherry. President Lungu must stop being partisan,” he said.
But a former diplomat Bangwe Naviley said everyone at NSCZ would be fired if they worked with Mr Lungu on allegations that they are PF.
Mr Lungu has since time immemorial consistently undertaken morning exercises to complement Government efforts in promoting a healthy nation.
Another former diplomat, Brian Hapunda wondered why a simple morning exercise would be an issue.
“You want him to stop exercising and stop mingling with people? Comrade President Lungu on record remains PF President till he hands over the party presidency at the upcoming PF Convention to the newly elected PF President then. President Lungu is a ‘sleeping Party President’ and Hon. Lubinda [PF Vice-President Given Lubinda] is the ‘active Vice President’ taking care of the party till the elective Conference,” he said.

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