Mwinilunga MP, accuses DC, Council chairman of not cooperating


MWINILUNGA Member of Parliament Newton Samakayi has alleged that his office, that of the District Commissioner and the Council Chairperson are not working in harmony in fostering development in the area.

Mr Samakayi is complaining that the failure by the three offices to collaborate and work in tandem has resulted into delayed implementation of projects and service delivery.

He has observed that developmental activities in the district have over the years delayed to be complete due to the three offices in the area overstepping their operational boundaries.

He said there was need for each of the three offices to understand their roles in fostering development so that they did not overstep their operational boundaries.

“There is lack of coordination between the office of the MP, the DC and that of the Council Secretary. We do not seem to know our roles and this is leading to overstepping our boundaries. And if this continues, the ones to suffer are the people,” said Mr Samakayi.

He was speaking at Mwinilunga new market during a handover ceremony of a new shelter constructed through funding from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

He said the increased CDF will only have meaningful impact when the three key decision-making offices in the district choose to put aside personal interests and work as a team.

“This equally goes to all government departments, we need to work in harmony,” he said.

And Mr Samakayi has observed that the current shortage of mealie meal in the country is as a result of most farmers selling all their produce without reserving some for household food security.

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