Opposition political parties to write US embassy over bullying


TWO opposition political parties have indicated that they are going to complain to the United States embassy over the US government’s continued coercing Zambia into adopting its enemies.

The two opposition political parties say the United States of America should not use Zambia in its militarist manoeuvres against China and that America’s enemies were not Zambia’s enemies.

Consortium member Wright Musoma of the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) said should America continue imposing its interests on Zambia, the opposition political parties would have no option but to complain to Washington DC through the embassy in Lusaka.

Mr Musoma said the USA should respect the values of Zambia and should not try to impose what they wanted because Zambia was a sovereign state.

“We are going to write to the US if they do not stop this approach of trying to impose its militant approach on China. Washington should know that its enemies are not Zambia’s enemies. Zambia is a sovereign State and the US should not be seen as imposing its beliefs and values on Zambia,” he said.

And New Congress Party (NCP) president Peter Chanda said that America gave Zambia a raw deal that had resulted in the high cost of living.

Mr Chanda said the cost of living had skyrocketed because there was nothing beneficial from the alliance with the US.

He said China had been an all-weather friend that sustained Zambia even in the time it faced serious challenges during the apartheid era.

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