Russia’s Ambassador’s responds to Daily Nation

I PAID attention to the fact that in one of the latest issues of the Daily Nation newspaper (issue 04.04.2023) was published an article Wanton destruction in which the author fully supports the proposal of the President of the Republic of Zambia Hakainde Hichilema about the need to resolve the Russian-Ukrainian conflict at the negotiating table.

The Embassy also supports this proposal and so does Russia, as Moscow has repeatedly stated.

For my part, I want to remind that it was Russia that initiated 9 years ago the «Minsk Agreements», which were guaranteed by Germany and France and were approved by the UN Security Council. However, as we learned later from the words of former German Chancellor A. Merkel and French President F. Hollande that the “Minsk agreements” were needed by the Western countries and the United States for only one purpose – to prepare Ukraine for war with Russia

The fact that neither the current Ukrainian authorities, nor the United States, nor the West want peace in Ukraine is evidenced by the fact that they reject any proposals for peace, including the recent Beijing’s ones. Washington’s unwillingness to promote peace is also proven by the fact that they actually initiated the signing of a decree by the puppet regime of Kiev on “Banning negotiations with Russia on establishing peace.”

I would like to emphasize that Russians and Ukrainians, who are actually one people, want to settle the conflict the most. Washington and the Western countries are using the puppet government of Ukraine, which came to power in 2014 as a result of a coup d’état, to solve their greedy enrichment goals despite the pain and suffering of the Ukrainian people.

The following facts affirm this:

Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, American military corporations have increased their profits by almost two times;

Zelensky’s puppet regime in Ukraine has strengthened by banning all opposition parties;

There is an unprecedented oppression of believers with the closure and destruction of churches.

However, the Western counterparts should understand that peace will come to Ukrainian land and the goals of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, which are aimed at ensuring the safety of all residents of Ukraine without dividing into Russians and Ukrainians, will be achieved. Russia will never agree with the postulate of «security for the chosen». Security should be for everyone – equal and indivisible. Russia has enough forces, means and resources to ensure security for Russians and Ukrainians, and the sooner our opponents understand this and sit down at the negotiating table, the sooner peace will come to Ukraine.

Author: Azim Yarakhmedov, Russian Ambassador to Zambia

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