It’s nonsensical, Miles Sampa told off


THE Patriotic Front (PF) says it shall vigorously pursue all the avenues within its legal charter to ensure that schemes by turncoats and sponsored subversives to disintegrate the opposition political party are thwarted.

And the former ruling party has cautioned Miles Sampa that he is on a contemptuously thin line by reporting the former ruling party to the Registrar of Societies on a matter he has taken to the courts of law. 

Raphael Nakacinda, the PF information and publicity chairperson said it was not the first time that Mr Sampa had attempted to cause confusion in the former ruling party as he had been on such a mission before.

Mr Nakacinda recalled that soon after the death of president Michael Sata, Mr Sampa created such a succession hullabaloo that left him politically fractured after he was rejected by the general membership of the party.

In 2014, Mr Sampa went on a mission to take over the presidency of the PF on grounds that he was the nephew of late president Sata and after losing his bid, he went to form his political party which did not last more than two months.

Mr Sampa was to resign from the PF to join the UPND and campaigned for the party for the 2014 presidential election which was to be won by former President Edgar Lungu.

He was to leave the UPND and rejoined the PF to contest the mayoral seat in Lusaka under the former ruling party for which he won and was later adopted to contest the Matero Parliamentary seat.

“Mr Sampa’s desperate actions are walking him straight into the teeth of contempt. The matter for which he has written to the Registrar of Societies is in court and yet to be resolved. So the issue he has taken to the Registrar of Societies is dean upon delivery because it is common knowledge that the Registrar is in possession of the minutes of the PF 2021 elective general conference from which the current leadership of the party was elected,” Mr Nakacinda said.

He explained that Mr Sampas actions and schemes were but an attempt to nullify and declare the legitimate leadership and the 2021 elective general conference a null and void.

Mr Nakacinda however said the desperation Mr Sampa was exhibiting in trying to cause confusion in the PF was based on the fact that the disgruntled Matero lawmaker did not have the grounds upon which he could compel the former ruling party to hold a general conference after the 2021 convention.

“It is common knowledge that the Registrar of Societies is in possession of the minutes of the of the PF elective general conference in 2021. So Mr Sampa’s attempts to nullify the PF leadership and declare the 2021 convention a nullity is unattainable. A person standing on firm ground would not be as desperate as Mr Sampa has become,” Mr Nakacinda said.   

Meanwhile, the PF presidential candidate Dr Chitalu Chilufya advised the general membership of the former ruling party to work towards preserving the party, which was the supreme institution above personal interests.

He said the PF was there strongest opposition political party and they should work together to ensure that the internal democratic process were concluded smoothly without any disturbance so that the party could rise again.

“We will not allow the party to disintegrate because of an individuals or people’s selfish interest,” Dr Chilufya said.

Dr. Chilufya said the leadership of the former ruling party would preserve the party collectively because PF had strong democratic structures which would sure that the party rises above petty politics.

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