The Patriotic Front party PF in Northern Province have disowned suspended member of the central committee Miles Sampa.

Speaking at a media briefing, provincial chairman Chomba Chipili said the province is not part of the schemes by Mr Sampa to destabilise the party.

He said the PF is intact in the province and urged the members to remain calm.

“The PF members in Northern Province are concerned with the happenings in the party. Our concern is what Mr Sampa is doing to the party by dragging it in the mud. He is trying to gain public sympathy, dragged the party to court and recently to the Registrar of Societies in order to be deregistered, the party he is vying to lead, ” Mr. Chipili said.

Mr Chipili said if at all Mr Sampa loved the party he should have sought audience with the leadership to iron out the differences internally instead of washing dirty line in public. 

“PF is the biggest opposition party in the country with 58 members of parliament  and if deregistered,  the country will experience by elections, in this respect we as northern province PF distance ourselves from what Mr  Sampa is doing and support the stance that will be taken by the party leadership,” he said.

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