Be balanced in dealing with China, US; gov’t urged 


It is very important that we develop a striking balance in dealing with both China and the United States in the country’s developmental agenda to show that we are declaring our sovereignty in as much as we try to develop a relationship and choose partners in development, Lukashya Member of Parliament George Chisanga has advised President Hakainde Hichilema. 

Mr Chisanga said China was one of the biggest lenders such that even America itself where the UPND were seemingly leaning towards was also borrowing from the Chinese government.

He said it would be impossible for the government to pursue any developmental agenda without including China.

“If there is any developing country in the world that would decide to pursue its development agenda without involving China then those plans will go up to nowhere because China has helped many developing countries,” said Mr Chisanga 

Mr Chisanga said China was friendlier with developing countries as compared to any other country hence the need to ensure that they are not taken out of the equation.

“It is not disputable that China is our cooperating partner and a long term friend. Right from the early years of independence China has always come forth to help this nation when there was need,” said Mr Chisanga 

Mr Chisanga said the failure by the UPND government to engage China not only on the issue of debt restructuring but also the relationship of the country with the Peoples Republic of China was a huge concern which needed to be addressed by the president.

The government he said engaging China would also act as an indication to show that Zambia is not choosey as to whom that incorporate in achieving their developmental agenda.

He said evidence of how many times the president has traveled out of the country had been documented but never for once has he ever bothered to pay a visit to China.

Mr Chisanga said certain countries do not have any other country’s needs and prosperity at heart because there first agenda is to always make sure that they exploit others of their mineral resources and any other assets as well as imposing a political system that seems to be in tune with theirs.

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