Chilufya extols Chief Mpezeni

By Nation Reporter

Politicians have a lot to learn in  all facets of leadership,   from the remarkable success of the Nkhosi, Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people, who has carried his people along with considerable honour, Dr Chitalu Chilufya has said.

Dr Chilufya said people are loyal to those who are loyal to them. “This wise chief has been loyal to his subjects, and they too have returned their loyalty to him. The result has been this very successful reign in abundant harmony with his people.”

The Mansa Central Member of Parliament was speaking following the successful holding of the Ncwala ceremony in Chipata.

Dr Chilufya, who is also a Patriotic Front presidential aspirant, was part of thousands of people who turned up of the Ncwala ceremony, which included Ngunis (Ngonis) and Zulus from South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania.

“When I paid my courtesy call on His Royal Highness Nkhosi Ya Ma Khosi at his palace at Feni Village, I could not help but reflected deeply on the King’s pre ceremony major statement on Friday in which he attributed his longevity and fairly successful reign to God and respect for his subjects.  Indeed nothing captures this wise King’s imagination of the feelings of his subjects more than this.

This, indeed, is the essence of leadership– one’s ability to immerse oneself within and around the collective aspirations of one’s followers,” Dr Chilufya said.

He said nothing defines the true meaning of loyalty more than this, whether that loyalty is vertical or lateral!

“The Nkhosi has reigned with distinction in judgement on the aspirations of the Ngoni Nation. “

“Across various contemporary issues, the Mpezeni has demonstrated good judgement down the decades since his ascension to the throne 40 years ago,” he said.

He said Chief Mpezeni has navigated the often treacherous political contours with admirable success, striking healthy working relationships with all the seven different administrations that have ruled this country since independence.

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