Ndola-Lusaka dual road a crime scene of corruption, plunder, says Mwenda

Government should come out in the open and disclose the contract for the Ndola-Lusaka dual carriageway because as things stand, it is a crime scene of corruption and plunder, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) President Kasonde Mwenda has said.
Mr Mwenda it was clear that there were individuals in the new dawn administration that had interests in the contract because the logic was not making sense.
He = said just for US$577million, President Hakainde Hichilema had sold the profit making Ndola-Lusaka road where a foreign company that makes plastic bags would collect toll fees for 25 years and make approximately a profit of over US$4.5 billion.
“I want to challenge Government to disclose the contents of this deal because I feel it is a bad deal for Zambia and if we are not careful we might be losing millions,” he said.
He said by handover date in 2048 that road would be obsolete-finished with no commercial road even with maintenance lives for 25 years in Zambia without redoing it). The concession period should be revised down to 12 years.
Mr Mwenda said that once ushered into office his government would undo the contracts because they were criminal.
He said it was evident that they were individuals who had vested interest in the road contract and that they had no regard for the Zambian people.

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