Technology key to Afrirent efficiency

Technology has become the backbone of fleet management business in Africa. Data and telematics are key to understanding and making changes in fleets. By utilizing fleet-specific data, management can make decisions that will help their fleet succeed. We see that top fleet companies like Afrirent Fleet Management in South Africa have stood out in the region because of its  IOT (Internet Of Things) reliant operating policy.

Over the past years, the company has incorporated tech systems which include Afritracker, Fuel Management System and FleetDomain to increase efficiency in service delivery.

A quick look into Afrirent’s IOT systems, the Afritracker software offers efficient Tracking, Monitoring and Recovery of fleet assets. The Fuel Management System is automated on each vehicle and preauthorises every transaction before it takes place then captures all transaction details electronically. FleetDomain software helps manage, monitor and control fleet with real-time data; Improve operational efficiency, and gain better insight to make quick and informed decisions. FleetDomain automatically gathers data from 3rd party suppliers, providing your fleet managers with insight and enabling them to effectively manage vehicles and drivers.

“Afrirent Fleet Management’s cornerstones have always been investment in technology, relationships and extraordinary customer service. We are extremely proud of continuously building on our value driven, world-class fleet management and fleet telematics offering” said Senzo Tsabedze, Afrirent C.E

“Our fleet management software and maintenance system is packed with features and add-ons designed to simplify and streamline fleet management. Manage vehicles, drivers, equipment, fuel, repairs, rentals, finance, compliance, and a lot more” he added

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