Chongwe Town Clerk gets tough on garbage collectors

CHONGWE Town Clerk (TC), Damson Mukwato has warned waste management companies in the district against poor waste management, stating that failure will result in termination of contracts.

Mr. Mukwato sounded the warning during an engagement meeting with the waste management companies and franchisees in Chongwe.

He said that if there is no improvement in the service delivery their services to the local authority risked being terminated.

The three waste management companies include Chlorophyll, Jayann Trading and Citimop Waste Management.

The Mr Mukwato expressed displeasure with the manner in which the waste is being handled by the named companies.

He pointed out that the inconsistencies in timely garbage collection from residential areas, use of inappropriate vehicles for garbage transportation, lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for garbage collectors, poor supervision of garbage collection personnel and failure to pay tipping fees to the local authority would no longer be tolerated.

Mr Mukwato insisted that the local authority will not allow the waste management franchise companies to continue ignoring the health and safety rules.

He has urged those in waste management business to scale up their waste management services in order to reflect the council’s commitment towards prudent waste management.

He also warned the firms against dumping waste in nearby bushes or undesignated areas.

The TC regretted that the inefficient waste handling system by the contracted waste management companies was misrepresenting the local authority’s efforts in managing waste in the district.

He said that the local authority is dedicated to providing quality sanitation services to the district and will not allow any firm to frustrate its efforts.

He said that these and other interventions are meant to ensure that the district was free from unfortunate circumstances such as the outbreak of water borne diseases such as cholera.

Mr. Mukwato further urged company owners to ensure that garbage collectors are well supervised and do not sit on top of the garbage during waste transportation because this was against the public safety regulations.

He also implored the companies to take part in the keep Zambia clean campaign exercise as a way of championing hygiene in the district.

Meanwhile the Town Clerk has challenged the public to manage their waste in a prudent manner and refrain from indiscriminate disposal of waste.

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