Cop testifies in ECL TV theft

A POLICE officer assigned to guard the residence of former president Edgar Lungu has told the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court that there was a power out at the time the breaking-in happened.
Sergeant Mayondi Dala testified that the residence experienced power cuts twice around 01:00 hours, the time he suspects the alleged theft took place.
Mr Dala also told the court in cross-examination that he is not aware if the house has Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras.
He was testifying in a matter in which Angel Chipasha is accused of breaking into Mr Lungu’s house on August 9, 2022, and stealing two television sets worth K66, 000, belonging to a Shimbinzyani Chavula.
“On the material day on Monday, August 8, 2022, I reported on duty at 18:00 hours at the residence of the former president situated in Ibex. On the particular day around 20:00 hours, Constable Banda Mambo reported also on duty. Whilst on duty, at 01:00 hours, power went off. I quickly rushed to the Genset. Your honour, before reaching the Genset, power came. I then decided to check around the place. Your honour, within a short time, again power went off. I asked myself what happened then I did the same and went to the Genset. I checked there and I decided after a long time to go outside the gate to check if the neighbours’ had power,” he said.
Dala told the court that Lungu’s waiter was the one who discovered the breaking in. “From there, it was around 02-03:00 hours that’s when power came. At 05:30 hours, Constable Banda Mambo was released. Thereafter at 08:00 hours, civilian staff started reporting for work. When they reported for work, Ms Charity Chirwa who is a waiter discovered some breaking in when she was cleaning the house. After that, I went there and confirmed that four wall fence wires were cut,” said Mr Dala.
He said the front door behind the house was damaged.
“I quickly reported the matter to Ibex police station where I reported that two television sets were stolen. After reporting the matter, I was later told that someone was arrested in connection with the same and that one television set has been recovered.” Mr Dala said.
Trial continues.

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