ORMER Vice-President, Inonge Wina has proposed the establishment of the Council of Elders to advise Government on issues of national importance.
Speaking during the launch of her book entitled: When Destiny Calls in Lusaka, Ms Wina proposed to Vice-President WK Mutale Nalumango that Government should consider constituting a Council of Elders composed of former Vice-Presidents to advise Government on national matters.

Ms Wina said it was time for Government to consider forming a Council of Elders in order to harness and utilize the experiences of former Vice-Presidents.
“The Council of Elders should provide advice on pertinent national issues,” Ms Wina said.
She also praised former President Edgar Lungu for his vision and courage to appoint her Vice-President in 2015
“It seemed as if the whole population was hit on the head with a hammer. The current Vice-President mentioned here that it is not easy for Presidents to put women or nominate women to be their running mates, it takes courage for the President to do so.
“After receiving this hammer on the head, the country was in a state of disbelief. Many in Zambia never expected this to happen for woman to be Vice President,” Ms Wina said
She said it was an honour and privilege for any man or woman to serve one’s country at any level.
“This is how I felt when I was appointed Vice –President thanks to President Edgar Lungu who accorded me that rare opportunity to serve the people of Zambia. We are encouraged that the current administration under the leadership of His Excellency Mr Hakainde Hichilema has also chose her honour Mrs WK Mutale Nalumango to that position of Vice-President,” Ms Wina said
Meanwhile, former Vice-President Nevers Mumba has backed calls by Ms Wina that a Council of Elders should be constituted to advise Government on national matters.
Dr Mumba told Millennium TV in an interview that any leader who has held the position of Vice-President or President acquired so much knowledge, information and experience.
“It is worthwhile to use that information and that experience to push the country forward. So we support the proposal by the former Vice-President that a council of former Vice-Presidents and former Presidents be put together so that when there is a national issue, which is bi-partisan and does not lean on one political party, you call this council of elders whose interest is not just the political party but the interest is the nation,” Dr Mumba said.
And speaking when she officiated at the book launch, Ms Nalumango has urged women to rise to the call of taking up leadership to contribute to the country’s development.
Ms Nalumango also urged young girls to focus and believe that they could do more to contribute to the good governance of the country.
She further urged academicians to continue researching and writing about Zambia’s history that would benefit future generations

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