Zambians have been sold, says Leadership Movement

ZAMBIANS are up for grabs under the UPND administration because the government has clearly shown that they do not prioritize them over foreigners, Leadership Movement president Dr Richard Silumbe has said.

Dr Silumbe has expressed concern over the continued prioritizing of foreigners at the expense of Zambians by the UPND government which he said should not be the case because Zambians should always come first.

He was commenting on the construction of the Lusaka-Ndola Dual Carriageway which has been awarded to a foreign private contractor, Micro Ocean Investment Consortium under a 25 years concession.

Dr Silumbe said the UPND government’s decision to contract a foreign company that would have to borrow money from NAPSA, a state-owned parastatal a sign that Zambians were up for grabs by the imperialists subtly running the country.

Dr Silumbe wondered why the government had allowed the contractors to be collecting toll fees for as long as 25 years at the expense of many Zambians who would have to pay for such a deal.

“The Ndola-Lusaka Dual Carriageway deal is a sign that this government has chosen to be puppets of foreign countries and they do not care about the welfare of the Zambians who voted them. The UPND government has literally sold Zambians out and by the time the governing party is out of government, there shall be nothing left for Zambians,” Dr Silumbe said.

And Dr Silumbe has said the current happenings where the UPND government seems to care more about foreigners at the expense of Zambians is also an indication that they do not have the stamina to take care of Zambians.

He said there was need for the government to set their priorities straight and show the people that they come first at all times.

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