Zambia needs to find its solutions in order to unlock the economy, President Hakainde Hichilema has said.
Mr Hichilema observed that, climate change and the instability which has characterized countries like Russia, Ukraine and other African countries are contributing to the slowing down of many economies.
He said , it is therefore, prudent that the country finds ways that will help to revive the economy.
Mr Hichilema said, once the country goes that route, it will attract more investment, trade and create job opportunities for all Zambians.
The President was speaking to Journalists on Wednesday on arrival from Qatar where he was attending the conference for Least Developed Countries (LDCs).
“We as a country we need to put measures in place to ensure investment comes, trade and create our own jobs opportunities.
That is why we had some side meetings. I am sure you noticed the meetings and we were able to have bilateral meetings with a number of organisations and investors. We want them to work with us here, with the people of Zambia,” the President said.
Mr Hichilema said, “So we have tangibles which we have come with home, and the team will be putting them together and make the nation know the value.”

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