UPND fears to be audited


THE UPND government is freeing to be audited and that is why they have launched a campaign for the arrest and eventual dismissal of the Auditor General, Dr Dick Sichembe in a bid to cover   their economic transgressions in the last 18 months, Mutotwe Kafwaya has advised.

Mr Kafwaya says it had become apparent that the UPND government was trying to prevent Dr Sichembe from producing an authentic audit report that shall reflect to extent of corruption and maladministration in the UPND administration.

Mr Kafwaya, the Lunte Patriotic Front Member of Parliament says an audit produced by a compromised Auditor General shall produce nothing but self-deceit on the part of the Hichilema administration.

He said the victimisation of Dr Sichembe including his two Deputy Auditor Generals who have been fired as well as three Permanent Secretaries at the Ministry of Finance and National Planning was as a result attempts to cover the current corruption and maladministration of the UPND government.

Mr Kafwaya claimed that the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) was under pressure from some State House officers to charge leaders at the Auditor General’s office and Ministry of Finance and National Development.

He claimed that the summoning of Dr Sichembe by the ACC had been stirred in a letter he (Auditor General) had written to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture seeking information for the ongoing 2022 audit.

Mr Kafwaya asserted that some incompetent senior civil servant had been urging President Hichilema to act on the victims at the Office of the Auditor General and the Ministry of Finance now that they were being charged.

Mr Kafwaya also wondered if it was true that the victimisation of these professionals has extended to another Director at the office of the Auditor General who is in charge of ministerial audit.

“Why are you so afraid of releasing information from the Ministry of Agriculture to the Auditor General? Instead you are pushing for his arrest. Those deals you have made will be laid bare whether you like it or not. Even if you compromise this auditor, Zambians will be told the truth. I say so because lies never permanently triumph over truth,” Mr Kafwaya said.

Mr Kafwaya said he did not know why Government was afraid of releasing information from ministry of agriculture to the auditor general but instead was pushing for his arrest.

Mr Kafwaya wondered why government had charged some of the officers who received allowances while others were being promoted, cautioning that those who were being favoured now shall eventually suffer the same fate when time comes.

Why have you just charged some of the people who got those allowances leaving others and even promoting them? Even for those who you removed from their offices, why are only charging some and leaving others? Those you have left will suffer the same fate, sooner rather than later. If those you have chased are innocent, they will be granted full compensation,” Mr Kafwaya said.

 Mr Kafwaya, a PF presidential candidate is wondering why the UPND government were so fearful of being fairly audited, stating that Zambians knew there were numerous scandals in fertilizer procurement and distribution.

“You appear to be too jittery about the extent of the corruption scandals and maladministration that you have committed. We shall get to know. Why should the auditor general suffer for doing his job? Ninshi muletina kanshi? (What are you scared of),” Mr Kafwaya said.

Mr Kafwaya said those who were urging president Hichilema to fire the Auditor General were the true enemies of the head of State and that the President should know that his acts shall come to severely haunt him.

“For the ACC director, Tom Shamakamba, I am just sorry because the fear of other people could be what may cause him to abuse his authority. Please let no one cheat you…you owe no one a favor. After your tour of duty, only professionalism will smile at you. Anything short of that will haunt you terribly. I have just spoken like a brother who cares,” Mr Kafwaya said.

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