DMMU ready for any disaster – Nalumango 


DMMU has enough food and other resources to respond to any disaster including floods in any part of the country says Vice President Mutale Nalumango.

Ms Nalumango was responding to concerns by Mandevu Member of Parliament Christopher Shakafuswa as to why the DMMU had not responded to floods victims in Lusaka especially in his constitutiency.

She wondered why the mandevu law maker had to wait for vice president question time in parliament to raise the issue when he should have reported the issue to DMMU.

Ms Nalumango said as far as she was concerned the DMMU have distributed tents and other items to flood victims in Lusaka.

She accused Mr Shakafuswa of playing politics, saying the law maker was concerned with plight of his people he would have reported the issue a long time ago when the incident happened.

“If the Member of Parliament is really concerned he should not have to wait because within Lusaka there areas where we have given tents….. If your people are flooded, surely you sit there because there has been no rain in the past two days and you can’t say anything,” she said.

Ms Nalumango said the new dawn government is responding to all floods and ready to spend any amount of money to ensure the people are safe.

But in his submission, Mr Shakafuswa said the floods have caused huge damage to houses and crossing points which cannot be repaired using CDF because of the evaluation done by technical people revealed that the bill is above the threshold provided in the CDF for disaster response.

He said the past DMMU under the vice president office used to respond to floods by providing tents and food but that it not the case under the new dawn government.

Mr Shakafuswa said the people of Lusaka are concerned that the new dawn government is not responding to disasters adding that CDF allocation for disasters is only K700, 000 which was not enough.

“When are we going to see the DMMU coming on the ground to respond to disasters in Lusaka especially in Mandevu constituency,” he said.

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