World Bank pledges support to Zambia


WORLD Bank Africa Group has assured that it will continue rendering support to Zambia in developing key economic sectors such as agriculture, mining, and manufacturing.

World Bank Africa Group Executive Director, Floribert Ngaruko said the bank would engage the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to explore ways of creating a conducive environment for Zambian businesses to enable them to compete on the international market.

“We will liaise with IFC to see how they could come in and do the diagnostic of the public sector with a view possibly to have the so-called upstream investments initiative to help the private sector,” Mr Ngaruko said.

He was speaking during an engagement with the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI) in Lusaka.

Meanwhile, ZACCI president, Chabuka Kawesha has appealed to the World Bank to promote the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

“We as the private sector are giving Government the fullest confidence support in ensuring that they do deliver as the objectives have been set and we would like to prod and appeal to yourselves as World Bank to ensure that you provide the support that our public sector and the private sector that is needed with this process that is going on,” Dr Kawesha said.

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