Mwamba questions presence of Blair, Greg Mills in Zambia’s protected premises


PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema should make public the MoU he has signed to allow former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and South African lobbyist Gregg Mills to set base in Lusaka.

Mr Mwamba, Zambia’s former envoy to Ethiopia and the African Union (AU) said it was illegal for foreigners without clearance to work from the country’s security installations as advisors because that was compromising the security of the country.

“Since our Constitution does not allow foreigners to work as advisors inside high protected premises, it is therefore a breach of the security of the country for foreigners to operate from the country’s protected premises” Ambassador Mwamba said.

“President Hichilema must make public an MoU that allows him to break the law by allowing individuals to have access to Zambia’s highly protected premises which could easily compromise the security of our country,” Mr Mwamba said.

Speaking on Radio Phoenix ‘Late the People Talk,’ programme, Mr Mwamba said the actions by President Hichilema were a blatant abuse of the Constitution which he said would haunt Mr Hichilema after his tenure in office.

“It is a known fact that Tony Blair is an alleged  war criminal with selfish business interests. Books have been written about his criminal activities,” said Ambassador Mwamba.

He said Greg Mills was equally questionable and was in the country to lobby for the mining companies for the benefit of his personal business interest.

Mr Mwamba warned that President Hichilema’s dealing with foreign advisors was likely to frustrate his Constitutional officers tasked to advise him.

“Zambians elected Mr Hichilema as President not Tony Blair and Mills,” said Ambassador Mwamba.

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