MPS to protest Democracy Summit


About fifty opposition Members of Parliament along with their constituents have declared to undertake protest procession against the upcoming Summit on Democracy, Leader of Opposition in Parliament Brian Mundubile has announced.

Mr Mundubile said that he was called by about 50 of his fellow lawmakers who have indicated that they were preparing their constituencies to protest over the Summit on Democracy which he has described as a veil to promote the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) agenda.

He said that the MPs had indicated that they were ready to go ahead with the protest because they strongly believed that the conference was an agenda by the US to push for the LGBTQ rights.

“Madam Speaker, I was called by your Members of Parliament on the left…50 members called me that they are preparing their constituencies to protest against the upcoming Summit on Democracy, which they feel is a veiled plan by the US to promote the LGBTQ agenda,” Mr Mundubile said.

And tempers flared in Parliament yesterday after the Deputy Speaker Attractor Chisangano curtailed Mr Mundubile’s debate on grounds that she had earlier ruled over the matter.

This infuriated Mr Mundubile who charged that the Deputy Speaker was not being sincere in her deliberations that bordered on the country’s values, norms and cultures.

He charged that the Deputy Speaker was not being magnanimous over the matter which he said was very important and of national interest.

In the melee of things, an argument ensued between Chilubi Member of Parliament Mulenga Fube and his Bweengwa counterpart Kasautu Michelo who exchanged hot words.

The argument brought Parliament to a standstill, forcing the Deputy Speaker to chase the two MPs out of the house after which order was restored.

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