THAT Zambia has won international recognition as a functioning democracy should be a matter of pride to all Zambians.

This has been highlighted by the country’s ability to peacefully transfer power from one political party to another.

Not only has power transitioned peacefully, Zambians have equally embraced democracy as a form of government for the country.

Zambia has emerged as exemplary when it comes to the smooth transition of power in Southern Africa, the international thinktank Afrobarometer has observed.

The Afrobarometer is a pan-African, independent, non-partisan research network that measures public attitudes on economic, political, and social matters in Africa.

The survey according to the organisation also noted that 87 percent of Zambians prefer democracy to any other form of government. 

Touting the country’s democratic credentials, the survey also noted that 87 percent of Zambians prefer democracy to any other form of government. 

Non-democratic alternatives such as one-party rule was also rejected by 87 percent, while 91 percent were against military rule and almost everyone surveyed (95 percent) were against a dictatorship.

Zambians must in this vein ensure that they uphold democratic tenets by promoting peaceful co-existence despite the political differences.

It is incumbent upon all political players to ensure that they preach unity in the nation without resorting to violence.

The violence that was witnessed during the recent Youth Day celebrations in some parts of the country should not be the norm.

Zambians should therefore ensure that they use the Afrobarometer survey as a marketing tool to woo foreign investors to the country.

There is a lot that the country has to offer – political stability, an ideal climate with plenty of water and the government’s commitment to economic growth.

Thus, events like this year’s Land linked Zambia Conference slated held at Lusaka’s Mulungushi International Conference Centre are a direct result of the country’s stability.

About 400 delegates from 14 countries are expected to attend this year’s Land linked Zambia Conference which has drawn private and public sector players in the transport and logistics industry.

It is expected to create a platform for information sharing, networking and formation of synergies among the different countries.

Next week’s Summit for Democracy that Zambia will co-host provides another opportunity not only to help build the country but strengthen the country’s democracy as well.

Delegates to the conference will be able to observe at first hand how Zambians have embraced democracy and allowed it to evolve through the years.

It is thanks to the Zambians that the country still remains as a beacon of peace in Africa providing a safe haven for those escaping civil strife in their countries.

We must preserve democracy.

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