Involve chiefs, on Mpika gold deposits discovery, Mpika MP Francis Kapyanga urges Govt


Mpika Member of Parliament, Francis Kapyanga has urged Government to involve traditional leaders and all stakeholders in decision making over the recently discovered  gold deposits in Kanyelele of Chikwanda and Mukwikile chiefdoms.

Mr Kapyanga said in a statement yesterday that chiefs should be part of the process to enable people to benefit from their God given wealth.

He said traditional leaders know the people in their communities and should, therefore,  be allowed to play a role in identifying  those who should be licensed for mining.

“We have consulted and since written to the government through the Provincial Minister’s office to bring all the stakeholders together, including traditional leaders and respective ministry representatives where we will come up with an all-inclusive decision,” Mr Kapyanga said.

The lawmaker also appealed to the government to remove foreigners who are taking advantage of the prevailing situation and to put in place measures that will ensure that local people benefit, especially the youths and women.

“We have watched for a very long time foreigners taking over our resources, and this trend should come to an end.

Further, the government should consider offering empowerment to supplement the awarding of small and medium scale mining licenses to the youth and women around the country.

“In this manner, we will improve local economies and ensure that our people are beneficiaries of the wealth in their land and start to break poverty circles that impede our communities,” Mr Kapyanga said.

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