Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita has called on government to work on enhancing relations with Russia.

 The former envoy said, this will help Zambia to benefit from that country.

 Mr Mukwita said, Russia has a lot to offer Zambia, therefore, government should be willing to strengthen the bilateral ties.

 “In the last 20 months we have been accused in the international front of having western centric diplomatic linen.

 So going forward we need to enhance our relations with countries like Russia. They give us scholarships, they give us cheap fertilizer.

 “We really need to strengthen our bilateral relations with the Federal Republic of Russia. Then we shall see an increase of scholarships, increase of the agro-inputs. So let’s look for the future and see where we are going,” he said.

 Mr Mukwita said, Zambia cannot manage to side with any country but ensure, therefore, the government needs to respect the non-alignment policy.

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