THE Zambians for Unity Peace and Development (ZUPED) has lamented that the issue of Konkola Copper Mine and Mopani Copper Mines has protracted for too long saying Zambians are slowly losing confidence in the Minister of Mines and Minerals Development Paul Kabuswe.

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ZUPED President Ronnie Jere said this was why recently a member of the clergy from the Copperbelt called for the dismissal of Mr Kabuswe sas they feel he is not doing enough to address the matter. 

“Dear comrades, the issue of KCM and Mopani mines has protracted for too long and now the people of the Copperbelt are losing confidence in the Minister of Mines as has been reported in the media where some members of the clergy and community members have come out to recommend for the dismissal of the Minister of Mines. This is because they feel the minister has failed them. As a consortium, we believe that debt restructuring was more complicated than resolving the issues surrounding Mopani and KCM,” Mr Jere said. 

He said Zambians knew that the previous government had to even hire a consultant to a tune of US$5 million just to help it resolve the issue of debt restructuring. It is surprising that this government has managed within a short period to resolve the issue of debt restructuring but has failed lamentably to resolve issues surrounding the mining sector which in our knowledge can help to resolve the debt that we are owing our creditors.

He said that the people were not seeing a policy direction in the mining sector.

Mr Jere alleged that by the time the UPND government will be leaving office, they would have acquired more debt.

Mr. Jere said in order to avoid leaving a mountain of debt for the future generation, it is important that the government now resolves the challenges in the mining sector.

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