Tissa Banda shares about online business


In today’s world, there isn’t anything you can’t find online. It doesn’t matter if it’s a celebration, home decoration, or a gift for close ones. All this has been possible due to the advancement of technology and the widespread culture of e-commerce shopping. The Daily Nation Lifestyle recently interviewed, Tissa Banda, CEO and proprietor of an online store business called “The Flower Studio” with a unique eye for the creative and impressive designs in the flower industry.

Tissa, said she started her business in 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown which forced businesses across industries to build out their digital shop fronts, and today her idea and business is flourishing as Zambia’s most popular online florists with a highly customise online platform that matches their unique & creative business skills.

“I started this business in 2020 during the corona lockdown. I was bored and the government was encouraging people to work from home then. I figured I could be selling flowers online and offer delivery services, and ‘The Flower Studio’ was born”

She acknowledges challenges faced and strides made, “Offering delivery services when you have no car or delivery motorbike was a headache, but eventually I got a motorbike specifically for my deliveries. Also, Zambians still have trust issues with online purchases. I offered alot of pay after delivery service which is risky cause a client can easily cancel the order when you already put everything together. My solution was to quickly have my business registered with pacra and brand it so it can look as legit as possible. I was lucky when I was starting, the Matero Member of Parliament Honorable Miles Sampa, then Lusaka Mayor, did advertise me on his platform and that’s how the business took off. Am very hopeful that by next year, God willing, I will have a physical store opened”

She said back in the days it used to be time-consuming for one to make an order for flowers and with the coming of online flower stores, the ordering process has been simplified as people can now order from their preferred location, when asked what positive changes have come with online flower stores.

“It simplifies the ordering process. The only thing they need to do is pick the bunch that meets their needs and budget, and place the order from their preferred location. As a result, work is done in seconds”

Asked what sets her online business apart from others, Tissa said, “We have managed to live up to the expectations of our customers making us the most convenient in this industry. People are able to take advantage of our round-the-clock accessibility and same-day delivery services like; engagement & wedding decor, honeymoon decor, appreciation gifts, birthday gifts, photo booth, chilanga mulilo & graduation hampers, just to mention a few.

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